Are they hearing the message?

Your most important contact with your church congregation takes place every week at your church. For many ministries, however, that experience is much less powerful than it could be because the church sound system is incorrectly set up. Does your church suffer from any of these symptoms of bad sound?

  1. Feedback
  2. Distortion
  3. Hum
  4. The music is too loud, while amplified speaking voices are too quiet
  5. Sound in some areas of the sanctuary is too loud and in other spots it’s too quiet
  6. People complain about the poor quality sound…or worse, they leave before the service is finished

You know it doesn’t sound right, but no one really knows what to do about it

If you have these or other sound-related problems, the solution is often very simple. Don’t rely on companies that sell sound equipment to help you – their job is to sell equipment, not to solve sound problems. In our work with a number of churches throughout the southwest, we have developed the Church Sound Audit process to diagnose and improve church sound in churches of every size and shape. The steps in the process include:

  1. A detailed interview to understand your needs and the current issues with your sound system
  2. A sound check to determine if your sound system is properly set up
  3. An acoustics analysis to check for even sound coverage
  4. A report on the possible reconfiguration, repair and/or the addition of equipment to optimize your sound system
  5. Assisting with the purchase of new/used equipment (ONLY IF YOU REALLY NEED IT – MOST CHURCHES DON’T!)
  6. Training your volunteer sound staff to operate your sound system properly for the best possible sound every week

If you want your congregation to hear your message, you need your sound system working properly

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